Providing fresh air automatically or on demand, Odyssey cools your home in the hot summer months, reduces mould, odours and condensation, and draws in warmer outside air in the cooler months. Brought to you by CSR Edmonds.

Cooler in summer, warmer in winter - naturally

All you have to do is set your preferred temperature on the easy-to-use touch screen control. Odyssey’s sensors will constantly monitor the temperature and humidity inside and outside your home, and switch Odyssey on and off to maintain your preset comfort level.

This means that in summer at night, when the outside temperature drops below the inside temperature, Odyssey expels the hot, stifling air from your home and draws in cooler night air.

In cooler months, when your home is colder than the temperature outside, Odyssey draws in warmer outside air to freshen damp, stale air without affecting your preferred temperature levels. In addition, the humidity sensors monitor and control potentially damaging condensation in the roof space.

Reduced air conditioning costs

Odyssey compliments any ducted or room air-conditioning system.  By drawing cooler fresh air into your home it reduces the work your air conditioning system has to do at a fraction of the running costs.  The Odyssey is so efficient it uses around the same power as a single halogen downlight. Annual running costs of an Odyssey system are expected to be about $35*.

*based on 28c/kWh

More comfortable living and sleeping environment

With Odyssey your family enjoys fresh, not conditioned air. That means it’s not artificially dry or stuffy.  Odyssey operates more quietly than most air-conditioners to help you get a restful night’s sleep and wake up refreshed.

Reduced condensation and mould

Operating as a natural wind powered ventilator, Odyssey exhausts moist and humid air from your roof space all year round, reducing the damaging effects of condensation that can lead to:

  • Mildew and mould growth
  • Loss of insulation effectiveness
  • Increased energy costs
  • Timber decay and loss of structural integrity
  • ‘Sick Building Syndrome’ leading to serious health problems
  • Phantom leaks and staining of plasterboard
  • Corrosion of metal components

Less odours

Odours can really linger in a poorly ventilated home, and who wants to get home to the smell of last night’s dinner not to mention a teenager’s bedroom?

Odyssey really is a breath of fresh air, helping to ‘spring clean’ the air and dispel odours.  Its BOOST button can also provide an easy and convenient way to manually operate the system, providing up to two hours of complete home ventilation when you need it.

Innovative design and fingertip control

The sleek roof mounted ventilator unit sits low on the roof for a minimal, but architecturally modern, visual impact and is available in a range of four colours to compliment most metal and tile roofs.

The design of the internal ceiling grille blends seamlessly with your décor and features a magnetic release for ease of cleaning.

The touch screen control pad allows you to set your preferred internal home temperature which is constantly monitored by highly accurate sensors.  The screen shows you which mode Odyssey is operating in and provides the option for setting the system in powered living space ventilation mode at any time, using the BOOST feature.

Plug and go installation

Odyssey is designed for fitting to almost all homes which possess an accessible attic space. It is not suitable for raked ceiling homes.

Our fully trained staff can typically install an Odyssey system in under 4 hours. One Odyssey unit is sufficient for homes up to 150m2. Two units are recommended for homes from 150m2 to 300m2.

5 year warranty

The complete Odyssey system and installation is covered by our comprehensive 5 year warranty and you can relax in the knowledge that it is backed by CSR, one of Australia’s oldest and most respected companies.

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